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It's not just about Care.
It's about Caring.

At Apollo, we do not compromise on the 'caring'.
Our success and growth are directly attributable to the extra lengths we go to to ensure our clients get
the care they really deserve.


Welcome to Apollo Care

A boutique home care service designed to help vulnerable adults receive high-quality care in their homes where they feel most loved and importantly most comfortable. We focus on truly caring for our patients and take our time to make sure they are truly comfortable and well looked after. 

"Apollo is a team. A team that believes every person has the right to live their life to their full potential. Every one of us has individual dreams, goals and passions and Apollo takes them desires and creates a plan to achieve them. Are you ready to begin?"
- Cheryl White, CEO

Our Story

Cheryl White founded Apollo in 2011, after working with several care providers and realising that the level of care being provided was simply not good enough. She set out to create a new model of care that would fundamentally change the industry.

She knew that care should not and must not just be about rushing to the next 15min time slot. Care should always be about compassion and caring deeply about your clients' needs.

When you join the Apollo Care Family, you are joining a business with 'heart' that, whilst making a handsome profit, is fundamentally about making a meaningful difference in people's lives. 


Why an Apollo Care Franchise?

Apollo Care has its values at the heart of everything we do. But what does that mean and why choose us?


Apollo cares! We care for everybody who comes into

contact with Apollo Care.


We inspire our clients,

staff and teams to be the very best version of themselves.


We empower people to take control of their lives & create the life they want to live.


Support comes in many different forms and we have them covered!

Ready to start Your Apollo Care Journey?

Book a Discovery Call and Find out why Apollo might be the perfect choice.

Our Promise


"All for one and one for all" is a phrase that is especially relevant to the Apollo partner network.


Our promise to our Franchisees is that we will only recruit the best newcomers to the network so that we can ensure that our high standards and outstanding reputation are never compromised.


Our selection process is rigorous and we evaluate any prospective franchisee on a number of forward-looking criteria that match the high standards set by our current franchisee

Some of Our Success Stories


Hannah White

Already a veteran in the care sector, Hannah had over ten years of experience working for other care providers before joining Apollo Care. Before that, she was a nanny in the USA. With Care as her calling, Apollo is where she found her home.


Suzanne Janvier

Suzanne has owned the South Wirral branch of Apollo Care since 2013. Looking for a way to build a future for her family, her Apollo franchise allowed her to build a bright future for her family while brightening the lives of others too.


John McGovern  & Zara Williams

Zara and John have co-owned the Liverpool branch of Apollo Care since 2017. Owning an Apollo Franchise has allowed them to experience entrepreneurial freedom and receive the business support they were looking for.


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