4 Reasons You Should Invite a Neighbour to Christmas Dinner

4 Reasons You Should Invite a Neighbour to Christmas Dinner

For most of us, the highlight of Christmas is having a joyful Christmas dinner with our family. 

But we tend to forget how some people don’t have any family to spend Christmas with, so their day isn’t filled with much happiness at all.

That’s why we’ve given you 4 reasons why you should invite a lonely neighbour or someone you know over on Christmas day, as it could even make their whole year…

It may be the start of an on-going friendship

Having a neighbourhood that is more like a community can be only something seen in films for some people, but may be something you’ve always wanted.

Even if you just stop them in the street for a chat, or go over to introduce yourself to them. Being friendly with your neighbours can make you fall in love with where you live even more. 

If you do decide to invite your neighbours round for Christmas dinner, this could be the stepping stone you need to build that bridge with them. 

If you’re struggling to think of ways to get to know your neighbours before you invite them over on Christmas Day, we found a great article here on how to gain a good relationship with them.

There’ll be more new conversations on Christmas Day

It may be sad to say, but sometimes people actually prefer the run up to Christmas rather than Christmas Day itself. It can seem a bit underwhelming, especially if you spend it with your immediate family who you see everyday. 

That’s why inviting a neighbour over on Christmas can even make it more interesting for you, not just them. 

You can learn about their childhood, hear their funny stories, and even tell some of your own! Having these different conversations can make Christmas Day feel that bit more special and exciting, and not just like another day at home with your family. 

It’ll improve their happiness

As we get older, we lose that Christmas sparkle we used to get when we were young. Elderly people mightn’t even decorate their house, or make a Christmas dinner if they’re on their own. 

We forget how much we enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit with the people around us by watching Christmas films, singing Christmas songs and putting up Christmas decorations. 

For people on their own, being invited in the first place will make them happy, as they know someone is looking out for them and cares for them. 

Being welcomed to your family traditions and having conversations and laughter on Christmas Day could ignite their love of Christmas again and inspire them to do more in the run-up next year!

They may not be able to travel to see relatives

Unfortunately over the past year and a half, many people missed out on being able to visit their family. 

Especially with us heading back into winter, there’s a lot of uncertainty of whether COVID restrictions will tighten again leading up to Christmas – preventing people from travelling to spend time with their relatives.

This could apply to your neighbours, whether they’re elderly or not. Making a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can be a lot of work, and a little bit overwhelming for some people.

The hearty meal and extra company could really help them out on Christmas day, even if they don’t show it!

So why not go for it?

If you have a neighbour, young or old, who you know is going to be on their own over Christmas, you could make their day by inviting them over to your house. 

Whether it’s for a hearty Christmas Dinner or just for a glass of mulled wine in the evening, it’ll make all the difference to them.

However, remember that not everyone wants to be friendly with their neighbours, so try to judge the mood when you first approach them.

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