5 reasons you don’t want a care business and why you shouldn’t listen

5 reasons you don’t want a care business and why you shouldn’t listen

You’ve been following our social media channels for a while now. Maybe you’ve even downloaded our prospectus, read our email newsletter and today you’re browsing our website. Yet, you are still unsure about taking that step…

Could it be for one of these reasons below? If so, I encourage you to read on as you may get a new perspective on why you are completely capable of running your own franchise. Whether you decide to or not is another story, but you should certainly stop having these doubts.

Doubt 1: I can’t work in care, I don’t have the experience needed

One of the most common hesitations before coming on board is from people who have never worked in the care sector.

They feel that managing a care business is only for people who have had hands-on experience looking after people or have trained as a nurse or GP.

In fact, you don’t require any previous care experience managing an Apollo franchise. We will signpost you to the right qualifications so you get the best training. Of course, any care experience you do have is beneficial as you can bring that knowledge with you. You understand what worked and what didn’t work at your last placement, and you will be able to improve on that service as the manager of a care business.

Generally, though, running a care business is similar to running any other kind of business. Yes, there are unique systems you need to be aware of as well as standards you have to follow. But that’s the same in every industry!

The important thing is that you learn these codes of practices as quickly as possible, and with the support available to you from Apollo Care Franchising, you will be able to pick these up.

Doubt 2: I can’t head up a care business; I don’t have any business or management qualifications

I didn’t have any special management qualifications when I started Apollo Care. I had an idea and bucket loads of passion and I did everything I could to learn. Although it was a gruelling process getting my head around everything I had to do, I believed in my idea, a belief which kept me going through the moments of self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

Apollo Care franchisees don’t need to be business professionals, nor do they need MBAs or leadership qualifications. All we ask for is someone who believes in improving care for the people in their territory who is willing to put the work in and implement the tools and advice we give them.

Everything else can be learned, and you have the benefit of someone who done all this before you. Not only that, but I’ve proven other people can learn it too.

Doubt 3: I don’t like administering personal care, I wouldn’t be any good at this

You don’t need to be hands-on – There are many different ways to effect good care which don’t include personal care.

As you will be managing a team of qualified care assistants, it is your job to keep your employees accountable and motivated. You need to make sure they are performing their tasks and also you should create an enjoyable work environment that keeps colleagues healthy, happy and loving coming to work. By maintaining the Apollo values and culture, you will have a positive impact on patient care by proxy.

Doubt 4: My family and friends won’t take me seriously

We all encounter resistance from those we love most when we embark on a new adventure, especially if it means leaving the security of a 9-5 job on someone else’s payroll.

But if you’re ready to take that next step towards becoming your own boss, what your loved ones say or think shouldn’t stop you from following the direction that feels right to you.

With Apollo Care, you’re reducing the risk of failure that most new entrepreneurs encounter because you are buying into a proven system that has worked many times over. You have full help and support to get your business off to the right start. You also have lifetime support from Apollo Care HQ and as your business grows, you will return to our training sessions so you are always at the vanguard of the latest best practices in health and social care.

Doubt 5: What authority do I have to run a care business?

Every person in society is a stakeholder in social care. Our population is ageing, which means that there is a very good chance most of us will live to old age. If this is the case, we may be reliant on care services. Lots of us will already have had personal dealings with community care workers when looking after poorly relatives or neighbours, and so we all have a say in how our care services are run.

As a caring citizen of your community, you are taking responsibility and deciding to make a difference.  What could be more admirable than that?

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