Caring for your employees

6 Top Tips To Care For Your Employees

For those of us in the care industry, we already know how to look after vulnerable people. But how do you care for your employees?

As the superior your job is to support, guide and work with your employees. For any business to be profitable, the happiness of the employees is just as important as that of your clients. 

So it’s vital for employers to spend time and effort to ensure they’re looking after their team effectively. 

Here we will share with you our 6 top tips to boost their wellbeing…

1. An effective line of communication

As with any relationship, work relationships require open, honest and regular communication. This will ensure your employees feel confident and encouraged by you to do their best. 

Your team’s wellbeing shouldn’t be put to the back of your mind, it should still be one of your top priorities as the boss. So whenever they come to you with an issue, it’s essential to listen to them and think of a solution. 

Ask them about how they are, how their family is, and if there’s anything else you can do to support them. It shows you care for your employees and they’re not just a figure to you.

2. Respect should go both ways

Employees who feel respected and appreciated are more likely to have a positive outlook on their work. They will feel like an asset to the business, increasing their chances of staying within the business for longer. 

When you have a team of long-standing employees, it leads to a higher quality of work. So you should always respect your staff, as they are the heart of your business!

3. Deal with conflict calmly

Within any work environment, issues can arise. It’s normal to disagree with people sometimes, and you have to accept that this will happen at some point between you and an employee.

However, the main priority is how you deal with these conflicts. If you feel you are going to react with anger, it’s best to leave it until you calm down a little. Addressing it while you’re angry is always a recipe for disaster, but so is leaving it to boil for too long. Ensure you have that balance between the two.

The key is to talk through the issue, respect them and listen to what they have to say. This will allow you to weigh up both sides, and then decide between both of you what the solution should be. 

You don’t want your employees to be afraid of you, so remember to remain calm!

4. Encourage feedback

As a new business owner, you may not be used to being in charge of so many people. If this is your first time, it can be scary! The key to being a good leader is to ensure you’re listening to any criticism your team has, and encourage it!

Ask your employees, “Is there any way you think I could support you better?” Gaining this feedback from them will allow you to constantly improve as a leader. Meaning you’ll be better at looking after any existing employees and attract new ones as well!

5. Look for signs of stress and anxiety among employees

Your team needs to know that you care for them. So whenever you have an event, team meeting or you drop by to see them, ensure you’re looking for any red flags of anxiety or stress.

Make sure you’re asking about THEM, not just about the business side. This will make them feel confident enough to tell you if something is wrong, as it’s not just work you’re concerned with.

6. Never talk badly about them

This may sound obvious, but never speak negatively about a member of your team to anyone in the company. Unless you’re giving positive feedback or expressing your concern, it’s best to just leave it.

Your employees should be able to trust you. So if they find out you have been speaking badly about them, or if you criticise a colleague to them, they’ll lose that confidence in you. 

Something you definitely DON’T want to do is allow your employees to feel they’re being judged by you. This will lead to them hiding things from you, which is the complete opposite of what you want as a leader.

To summarise

Showing you care for your employees will ensure the success of your business as a whole. Being a good leader is about finding balance between pushing for high productivity and a high morale level.

You should see your business as one big family, of course you want to show you care for your employees.

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