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The Apollo Story

Hi, my name is Cheryl White and I am the founder and CEO of Apollo Care Franchising Limited. I have worked in the Care profession since I was 14 years old and later went on to train to become a District Nurse. The desire to help people and make a difference has always been with me ever since I can remember.

I was once asked by a follow Nurse “Why do you want to open a care company? There are hundreds out there.” Good Question! After thinking this over the obvious answer was, “Because things need to change”.

Apollo opened its doors to the public in 2011 and quickly became known as a trusted, reliable care provider which was very exciting but left me with another problem. How do I deliver this standard of care to more people who need us? There was only one of me and my team but we needed to expand, and quickly, to keep up with demand. Franchising was the answer.

Franchising Apollo has enabled us to grow without compromising the quality of our service. The brand is now recognised throughout the UK and our franchisees are hand-picked by myself and my team to ensure quality, continuity and passion.

Apollo is a team. A team that believes every person has the right to live their life to their full potential. Every one of us has individual dreams, goals and passions and Apollo takes them desires and creates a plan to achieve them. Are you ready to begin?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheryl x

The Apollo Care Story

Why an Apollo Care Franchise?

Apollo Care has its values at the heart of everything we do. But what does that mean and why choose us?


Apollo cares! We care for everybody who comes into contact with the Apollo brand.


We inspire our clients, staff and teams to be the very best version of themselves.


We empower people to take control of their lives and create the life they want to live.


Support comes in many different forms, we have them covered! Nobody is in this alone.

Our Promise

Using the latest technology, evidence-based research and listening to what our clients need, Apollo will be a leader in person centred, holistic care.

What our Franchisees say…

I am so pleased to be a part of the Apollo family. In the past year, I have had so much help and support from all of the team when it has been needed. The whole team will work together to support other franchises when it is needed if there is a staffing problem.

The office team are really responsive to any queries which we may have regarding day to day running of the business or setting up a new franchise and registering with CQC as a new provider and a new registered manager.

Debbie Dickson Testimonial

Franchise Owner - Southport

We didn’t look at other franchises as after meeting Cheryl our initial discussion about buying the franchise, we were sold!!!…

…The good thing about joining a franchise was also the part of being involved in an ever-growing company with a similar outlook to ourselves wanting to make a positive impact and change on vulnerable people.

With various opportunities and support from head office and the South Liverpool branch in particular, we have been able to grow and leave our old jobs a lot earlier than planned.

Testimonial - Zara Williams

Franchise Owner - Liverpool

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