Could this be your time?

Could this be your time?

It’s been a strange time for Apollo Care. As many workers in other professions are currently on leave from work, our teams are busier than ever carrying out essential tasks for their service users.

A pandemic does not stop our work or negate the need for everyday support. Yet, with staff shortages and higher rates of illness among the population, care services are understandably strained. Add to that the upheaval of lockdown, where family and close friends can’t be there to assist their loved ones, and it falls to care providers to plug the gap to prevent endangering the safety and welfare of our clients.

This situation ironically follows the government’s description of our workforce as “unskilled”. We know this not to be the case – Our care workers are highly trained and among the only personnel able to handle this crisis.

Over the last week, we’ve found ourselves having to draw on new resources to manage current demand, with one team calling on ex-employees and other teams currently recruiting for existing care staff who can work straightaway.

This is evidence that care providers are very much needed. While Merseyside is covered by Apollo, there are many territories beyond that need our help. This current crisis may be a matter of a few short months, but it could be up to 18 months before they can treat our vulnerable with a vaccine. We need teams in place all over the North West to provide care to our exacting standards long after we weather this particular storm.

If you’ve been thinking about opening a care business, then we need you. Our head office team are working from home and ready to support you in your care business venture via Zoom. If you’ve got time to spare from your current job, why not use that time to focus on yourself and make plans for your very own care business? Make these next few weeks count and you too could be leading the way in care with Apollo.

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