Finding Your Perfect Team: Qualities To Look For In New Recruits

Finding Your Perfect Team: Qualities To Look For In New Recruits

You’ve downloaded the prospectus, you’ve booked a discovery call and you’ve been given the go-ahead for your very own Apollo Care Franchise. Now it’s time to build a team for your territory, a group of individuals who share similar values and aspirations to make your franchise a success.

If you’re after a little guidance on things to look out for when recruiting newbies, we’ve popped together a list of qualities that we think are invaluable to a business.

They Share The Apollo Care Values

When you decided to start an Apollo Care franchise, you will have looked at our core values, and resonated with our goal to provide the best level of care for those that need it most.

As a team, we believe that every person has the right to live their life to their full potential, and it’s important that when recruiting individuals to join your franchise, they reflect this key belief.

Therefore it’s a good idea to keep this core value at the heart of the hiring process, as your first quality to look out for!


This one may seem rather obvious, but it’s an important one. Hiring individuals with a good knowledge of the care sector and experience within relevant roles that complement your franchise’s needs is a really good move.

As you’ll be focused on allowing your franchise to find its feet you want other daily operations to run smoothly and with little intervention. When hiring individuals with zero experience, every challenge is a brand new one, and this is something you ideally want to avoid.

Once you have some fantastic and experienced team members, you can start to broaden your recruitment search to those with a passion and a willingness to learn, as they can follow in the footsteps of others.


Whilst experience is a great place to start your search for new team members, you also want to be sure that they excel within these roles. In the early stages of your franchise, you want to ensure that every member of the team is utilising their talent to bring value to your clients.

As your franchise is finding its feet and drawing a clientele in the local area, it’s a good idea to recruit individuals that have a broad skillset and are prepared to step up and follow your vision.


As an Apollo Care franchisee, we know you’re passionate about the care sector, so it seems only natural to want to recruit people with a similar attitude.

Passionate people radiate a sense of positivity and optimism that can really boost a team’s morale. If individuals don’t have this bubbly excitement for your franchise at the beginning of their journey with you, then it’s likely that they aren’t the right fit. You want people who promote the fantastic work you do within the care sector and are proud to be in a line of work that transforms lives.


Communication is key within the care sector. On every level of the business, you want to ensure you have strong communicators who can interact confidently with clients and fellow members of the team.

Your franchise needs to run like a well-oiled machine, which can only be achieved with good teamwork. You want your team to assist one another, solving their own problems but working together to resolve collective ones too.

To conclude…

We hope this has given you a starting point for some qualities to look for when recruiting people onto your franchise’s team. There will of course be certain qualities that you will specifically want, and this is what makes your business special and unique. However, one thing that we will all remain united on, is our mission to strive for the best, and provide quality services to our fantastic clients!

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