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We like to think of our team
as our Apollo Family

They come from different backgrounds but all have one thing in common: they believe that good care should be at the heart of everything they do. Apollo franchise owners are responsible for running and operating their own franchises independently, delivering a first-rate Apollo care service within their territory. At all times, they can count on the support of our head office support team.

Apollo Care North Liverpool

North Liverpool

My name is Kristel Thompson. My experience has come from first hand real life experience in being involved in the care of loved ones, knowing and understanding the stress of caring for somebody at home while still trying to live your own life, look after your own family and go to work. Does this sound familiar? My business is very much a family affair! My Mother, who has over 30 years experience as a care assistant in the community assists me in the day to day running of the business and provides invaluable advice regarding service user care plans and assessments. Together we aim to become an agency known to be outstanding and passionate and truly provide the best individual care to assist the service user and their family to improve the Quality of everyone’s lives involved.

Jo Longmoor


My name is Joanne Longmoor. I have worked in the health & social care sector for 19 years. I’ve always had a real passion for providing excellent quality care. My last job was registered care manager in a retirement complex. I worked there for 12 years.  I have known about Apollo Care since Cheryl started Apollo Care back in 2011 and believe it or not, I always knew it was written in the stars that I would end up with my very own franchise with Apollo one day.

Apollo Care South Liverpool

South Liverpool

We are Paul and Diana, a father and daughter partnership who have one mutual goal – to improve the quality of care within South Liverpool. “In my 35 years of working in health and social care I have found that the most important thing, but something that is often ignored is LISTENING to the client. With listening to the client it enables them to remain in control of their lives and be seen as a person not just a condition. “This is what we want for all our clients”, says Paul.

Apollo Care Wirral


My name is Marcus Bemrose and I am director of Apollo Care (Wirral) ltd. I have always lived and worked on Wirral and after attending Sheffield university I practised law for 30 years before retiring 2 years ago. My passion for care is very personal as I found that looking for a care company that suited the needs of my elderly parents was very difficult. I decided that I would like to become involved in improving home care on Wirral and joined the Apollo Care Team as Director of Apollo Care (Wirral).

Apollo Care West Wirral

West Wirral

I have over 16 years experience of working in the social care sector. At the age of 18 I began working as a home care worker and advanced to working as a home care coordinator for a care provider on Wirral. During this time I developed as passion for social care and became dedicated to ensuring service users received the very best, high quality care.

Apollo Care South Wirral

South Wirral

My name is Suzanne Janvier and I am the registered manager and company director of Apollo Care (South) Wirral. I have over 10 years experience in the care industry gained from many years of caring in the community and nurse training, specialising in the care of adults with physical and learning disabilities. I am passionate about providing our service users with a high standard of care, advocacy and companionship.


My name is Pam Wharton. Having worked in the Health and Social Care sector for over 30 years and also experiencing first hand with my own loved ones, the impact that poor care and support can have on an individual’s life has given me the passion to ensure the delivery of both an excellent level of service, and an exemplary standard of care to support those individuals and their families to enable their loved ones to live independently in their own homes.

Apollo Care Southport


Hi my name is Tracy. I am 47 years old and have four children; Millie, Lucie, Charlie and Poppie. I live with my partner Steve and our two dogs Milo and Gizmo.

Two years ago I took on a role as assistant manager for Apollo Care Wirral Ltd. I loved every minute of working for Apollo Care – their values and working ethic is second to none- this has led me to the decision to buy my own franchise which I am so excited about.

I am looking forward to my journey ahead and bring my care experience with Southport.

Meet Sudesh - Apollo Care Flintshire


My name is Sudesh and I have worked in social care for a number of years. I am a multi-talented person, originally from Mauritius and had the opportunity to live in Italy for many years. I can speak different languages such as Italian, Hindi, French, Creole, and English, and believe this would enable me to adapt to new environments easily. Also, this will help me to manage my business well. I believe my determination, commitment and diligence will help me to accomplish my goals and reach my full potential.

Central Manchester

Hi I’m Rosemary Achiia. I have had the privilege of working in the health and social care sector for the past 26 years and there is nothing I would rather do! I have taken up senior roles in a wide range of adult care settings from residential homes to reablement support of which person-centred care has been the heart of my career. I have invaluable industry experience and I know exactly what it means to care for an individual. My daughter Amanda and I decided that it was time to embark on the next step of our careers and through research we came across the amazing Apollo franchise opportunity.


Central Manchester

Hi, I’m Amanda Owusu. I am a business and management graduate who has a passion for people and business. During the global pandemic I was put into a position that forced me to reflect and look at what is important. For years my mum and I have had numerous discussions about opening our own care company and it became apparent that this decision couldn’t have been timelier. I was blessed with the ability to start my career in care during the pandemic where I was promoted to field supervisor. I have grown so much in my year in care than I have in my entire life and starting up this Apollo franchise is just the start of my beautiful success story.

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