How To Fight Stress and Stay On Top Of Your Business

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As business owners we often find ourselves chasing exciting prospects and challenging ourselves to reach new heights. Whilst this is generally a positive aspect of being a business owner, it can on occasion lead us to feel somewhat overwhelmed and a little stressed.

Whilst at times stress is unavoidable it’s something we want to keep to an absolute minimum. Our mental wellbeing is precious and it’s important that we don’t neglect it. Within this article, we’re going to talk you through some stress-busting activities so you can feel calmer, more relaxed, and 100% reassured.

Write Out Some Of Your Concerns

Sometimes it can feel like we’re spinning 10 plates all at the same time. This is probably a reflection of our passion as our brain is constantly looking for ways that we can improve. On the same note, when we start to overthink, our proactive approach can turn to a rather stressed state, as we let our ideas build-up, and appear unattainable.

This is when it’s time to take a moment and breath. Grab yourself a comforting drink, take out a pen, and use one of the many unused notebooks that you’ve got stashed in the cupboard. Use this notebook as a place to offload some of your concerns. As you write out the things that you’ve kept trapped in, you’ll start to feel a little lighter, and you can begin to view your worries in a more constructive and practical way.

Make A List Of All The Things You’re Doing Right

Whilst you’ve got the notebook out, it’s time to give yourself the praise you deserve. When we’re stressed it’s easy to allow our emotions to camouflage all the good that we do.

Therefore a great stress-busting activity is writing a list of all the things that make you and your business shine bright. Take the time to reflect on all that you have achieved, and don’t be afraid to say “wow, I really did do that, didn’t I?”.

Have a think about the lives you’re changing through your work in the care sector. Take a moment to give yourself the praise you deserve for providing jobs and helping people’s livelihoods.

Then whenever you start to feel spouts of stress or you feel slightly low, you can reference it and see just how fantastic you truly are.

Prioritise Your Tasks

As a business owner, we’re constantly adding new tasks to the “to-do” list, as we want to see our franchise grow and succeed. Some of our ideas may be ambitious and take a few months to put into action, whereas others will be quick fixable solutions to little things. When we add up all of the tasks that we’ve put on the list, we can trick ourselves into feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

This is when we need to prioritise the tasks at hand. What needs doing immanently? What’s achievable in the time we have? Once you’ve re-ordered your list of to-dos you can begin to action your ideas.

When you take a pragmatic approach to your tasks, you can begin to action them, which should start to make you feel a lot better.

Take Breaks

This is something that perhaps we’re all guilty of – we simply don’t allow ourselves the time to have a break.

We all want to go the extra mile and provide the best, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of our mental well-being. You need to make sure that you give yourself the time to recuperate and build up your strength.

Take a step back from the things that are stressing you out, have a moment’s rest, and return to the task with a clear head. Sometimes this is all you need!

Take Care Of Yourself

A good positive mindset is really important when you’re a franchisee. Checking in on yourself and prioritising your health is a must in order to beat off stress. You need to look after yourself.

Build-in healthy habits throughout your day. Get a good amount of sleep, drink lots of water and eat regularly. These are the basic necessities but ensure you treat yourself too.

Whether it be treating yourself to a luxurious bubble bath or taking yourself out on a brisk run, make sure you build in some ‘you time’. When you’re healthy, your body can tolerate and counter the stress far better.

We never want any of our franchisees to feel stressed or overwhelmed. Your mental well-being is vital and extremely precious. Make sure you take the time for yourself and exercise some of these stress-combatting activities. You’ve got this!


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