It’s Not Too Late to Make a Change

It’s Not Too Late to Make a Change

Beauty, dreams and success. These things all have a sell-by date.

By thirty you should be settled into a routine, know where your next pay check is coming from and put to bed those outlandish fantasies about being a popstar, travelling the globe and changing the world.

If you haven’t made it thus far, you never will.

You’re not special – Accept it and move on.

These are some of the thoughts that might have plagued you for a while, especially since social media has been ruling our world. Where it used to be older, wiser people who everyone sought advice from, now we look up to the twenty-something gurus to show us how we might become “experts” and “influencers”.

So can you really make a change?

When you were in your teens and twenties, you probably felt a rush of excitement at the prospect of life ahead of you. You could start down any career path; most likely you had no mortgage or kids to look after so failure didn’t carry with it the weight of responsibility that it might today. Didn’t like your job? No worries, you could find something else.

But once you became more “grown up”, it felt too far down the path to step off. Let’s say you were to start over, how long would it take you to make your way back to that sort of money you make today?

If this train of thought is familiar to you, I urge you to pull the emergency stop chord and step off that carriage right now.

You deserve so much more than to settle for something you don’t love for eight hours a day.

As you know, I was firmly rooted into my day job too – A community nurse working long hours for poor pay.  Once I had my son Daniel, I wanted more for him and wanted to always be around instead of constantly working.

I had a business idea I believed in, and although I had no mentor to show me the way, I always knew I would succeed in business as I was determined to change my life for the better.

I very much believe that if you do have the right mindset, you can achieve anything you want to with hard work and determination.

But we are swamped with negative messages telling us we can’t or we shouldn’t, or that we are selfish if we do.

You have to tune out these messages and focus on the goal. Yes, we ALL have down days and we need to embrace that and go with whatever our bodies are telling us to do.

But just remember this…

You’re not selfish

If you want to start a new chapter in your working life, you can do that. If it’s a business you want to run, there are opportunities out there waiting for you to open your eye and see them.

When you find a path that makes you excited to get up in the morning, your partner and family will benefit from a happier you. Not only that, but you are a good example to your kids that they should find a way to be happy in their lives. Every parent wants their child to be happy, and I think it’s the other way round too. No-one wants an unhappy, grumpy, unfulfilled parent who feels like a slave to the pay check.

And sometimes, that may mean having a rest. When you work for someone else, you don’t have that luxury to take a break whenever you need. You have to spread 20 days holiday throughout the year, fight with other parents in your office to have half-term off. When you come back to work, what happens? You’ve forgotten your passwords, you have to catch up on your backlog, and by 5 o’clock it’s as if you’d never even been away.

Of course, business owners still have to catch up on their emails too, but they get to dictate the pace as well as take a day or even an hour off whenever you need.

And if you’re still feeling a bit selfish, think of this…

You can make a difference

You don’t have to be a beautiful blogger with a huge social media following to change the world.

Right now, who you are, where you are, is enough to make a difference to the world around you.

If you start a care business tomorrow, think of all the lives you will have touched after three months, a year or five years. You are helping patients, family members who are struggling to give their loved ones the care they need, and you are doing something positive for those who need a good environment to work in. Just imagine everything you hate about working for someone else not being an issue in your company, because you can be the change.


If you care about your parents, your neighbours and yourself, and what you see around you concerns you, you can be the one to make it better.

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