Keeping Focused on the Good News

Keeping Focused on the Good News

Keeping Focused on the Good News

There’s no getting away from it – This time has been worse than any of us might have envisaged and our hearts go out to our colleagues across the health and social care sector who have been bravely putting out fires and struggling to get their hands on the right equipment. They deserve so much better. There is a question to answer, but we want to focus on gratitude and the love and support we have been receiving as we need to keep morale up.

While Captain Tom has kept us all amused with his fundraising efforts and some of our MPs have decided to don their scrubs and go back to their old jobs on the frontline of care, some of our good news stories are a little closer to home.

And when we say news, we mean the actual news. Our South Liverpool team were featured in the Mirror and lauded for their dedication to care during April. They are all stars!

Of course, most of our news only ever reaches our Facebook fans and sometimes we keep our stories to ourselves, because we do what we do out of compassion, not to get rewards and a pat on the back. That’s why It’s been so very humbling to receive a national round of applause along with our NHS counterparts and other essential keyworkers. The country is respecting the work we do, which is what we want for the profession – Acknowledgement that this a great job to do.

Here are examples of some of the amazing things that have happened to us over the last month.

Kind Words

Keeping Focused on the Good News

Besides the clap for carers on Thursday evenings, we’ve been blessed with so many kind words from clients and their family members. Our South Liverpool team have written another blog post on the Apollo Care site about how good news keeps us upbeat and we can deliver this positivity by bringing our smiles to work every day. Indeed, positivity is infectious and we need it now more than ever.

Face Shields

The kind donations of face shields from Richard Lewis who has set up a Go Fund Me campaign as well as the DT departments in local schools have made us feel safe and cared for by our friends in the community. We thank them for looking out for and protecting our teams with additional PPE.

Random Acts of Kindness

Keeping Focused on the Good News

One of our staff members needed urgent repairs on her car and Kwik Fit were as good as their name. They dealt with her car issue promptly so she could get to work and very kindly didn’t charge her.

These random acts of kindness we like to pay forward to our clients, which is why our team will don a pair of ears and deliver Easter eggs if it makes our clients happy for just a moment of their isolation.

Recognising Staff

Keeping Focused on the Good News

We at Head Office provide lots of training and an awards ceremony for our teams, but we don’t tell our franchisees how to reward their staff. We just attract a certain kind of person who embodies our culture and values. For example, our West Wirral team has created certificates for those who have received glowing feedback from clients. They have also provided care packs to all the team members so they know they are valued. We hope they will find some time for self-care, rest and recuperation when they’re not in work. If you live with a care worker, please take care of them.

Keeping Focused on the Good News

Inspiring New Generations

Perhaps an unexpected side effect of being recognised in our work is the fact that young people are seeing what we do as a worthwhile vocation as important as nurses and other health workers. This point has been beautifully illustrated to us by Lottie, who wrote a poem dedicated to Apollo Care as she thinks we do an amazing job!

Some Heroes

By Lottie

Age 10

Some heroes have face masks,

Some heroes have gel,

Some heroes have blue gloves,

And keep us all well.

They start early morning

And do a day’s work,

Help so many people,

And never want to shirk.

Armed with a big smile,

They all whizz about.

The Apollo Care heroes;

They’re with us throughout.

If you want to become part of a care company that recognises our teams, pays them above the minimum wage and gets great reviews from our clients, you can find out more about our franchise opportunity.

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