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Market Outlook

With an increasingly ageing population, there will always be a great demand for home care services in England.

Currently, 89% of publicly-funded home care is now provided by private businesses such as Apollo Care, and that’s not including those service users who pay for their own care, known as “self-funders”. In addition, those receiving state funding for social care may do so via “direct payments” meaning they get to choose their care. By providing a competitive care package that puts the service user at the heart, Apollo stands out as a care provider of choice for a lot of people.

The sector as a whole is worth over £20 billion, with £2.2 billion gross expenditure (£1.9 billion from direct payments) from councils in England last year alone, and an estimated expenditure of 660 million from self-funders.


The UK domiciliary care sector has grown exponentially in recent years, and this only promises to increase over the coming years. According to the Lancet, it is estimated that by 2035, 200,000 more people will be classed as “high-dependency” and will be reliant on domiciliary care. That means that now is the best time to establish a reputable home care company.

Keep in mind a franchise care business gives you a safety net you wouldn’t have if you had to start from scratch – You can take advantage of a ready-made, low-risk opportunity with the processes already in place versus going solo and having to negotiate every obstacle yourself.

Apollo will work with you to get you fully trained, set up and ready to trade within a year. Some of our franchisees have managed the process while still working in their full-time jobs to minimise financial insecurity during the initial stages.

Consider it carefully – The statistics below, taken from the UK Homecare Association, speak for themselves.

The Home Care Opportunity
England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland UK Total
Total people using local authority purchased domiciliary care services 351,680 89,460 29,838 35,114 506,092
Total local authority purchased hours 127 million 36 million 8.7 million 13.9 million 185.6 million
Total expenditure on domiciliary care 2.9 billion 781 million 390.7 million 169 million 4.2 billion
– Local authority expenditure 2.2 billion 601 million 300.7 million 130 million 3.23 billion
– Self-funded expenditure 660 million 180 million 90 million 39 million 969 million
People receiving a direct payment 156,155 8,300 5,980 16,203 186,638
Expenditure by local authority on direct payments 1.9 billion 113 million 73 million 28.8 million 2.11 billion
Number of care workers 435,000 64,519 24,858 12,000 536,377
Number of locations registered to deliver homecare 9,100 997 437 295 10,829

(full report can be found at www.ukhca.co.uk. All figures relate to the financial year 2017/18.)

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