Meet Sudesh - Apollo Care Flintshire

Meet Sudesh from Apollo Care Flintshire

2020 was a difficult year for business owners, but others are thriving.

Sudesh is a recent addition to our Apollo family, setting up the first Apollo Care in Wales.

He’s just opened, taking on clients in the Flintshire area and spreading the Apollo values to the people there.

We caught up with Sudesh to find out more about building his franchise during what is undoubtedly the most difficult time to establish a business in recent years.

About Sudesh

Sudesh is originally from Mauritius and has lived in various places, including Italy.

His background is diverse, having worked in a factory, in retail, and latterly working in health and social care for nine years. Most recently he obtained his degree in this area, establishing himself as a serious professional in home care.

His motivation to work in domiciliary care is to help people live an ordinary life.

He’s no stranger to business ownership, having previously run another company, so buying a franchise was the logical next step.

Getting started

Opening your own care office is no mean feat, and Sudesh was able to build his alongside working his day job.

“Honestly, I enjoyed setting up my own business and working as well because they are part of similar sectors, I was able to transfer my knowledge to aid my business’ development. I juggled it well, researching and continuing with my project in my spare time.

“For me, staying in work was extremely helpful because I was earning some extra money which took the worry out of the situation for a while as I was still able to earn a living without having to compromise my lifestyle, but I made sure I kept a work-life balance. I worked on it as much as I could but still made sure to relax when it was getting overwhelming.”

Building relationships in Flintshire

While Sudesh acknowledges that marketing a business and finding new clients can be a struggle in the current climate, he’s been able to build relationships through leafleting, brochures and word of mouth. He’s been busy emailing social workers and social housing managers to introduce his business to local services.

Even though it’s been an extra challenge getting set up over lockdown, Sudesh has found it a useful learning curve.

Becoming part of the Apollo family

What’s obvious is that Sudesh has a lot of mettle and has kept positive, plugging away at finding new clients, an attitude that’s essential for any new business owner.

Upon discovering Apollo, he recalls being impressed with the values advertised in one of our leaflets:

“I carried out extensive research, researching many other companies but found that Apollo was the best fit for me, and what I want to achieve in terms of my own personal and professional goals. Apollo was established locally, which is ideal if any challenges arise.”

Franchise training and support

Sudesh was equally blown away by the franchise package with the training and support on offer:

“Apollo has an extensive support network, which makes it less daunting when undertaking this type of venture. It has an affordable start-up as well as realistic success rates, which attracted me to the Apollo franchise package.

“The training and support I received from the Apollo head office team has been outstanding, I feel truly welcomed into the Apollo community and supported through each step of the training.”

As well as the support from the wider Apollo family, Sudesh has his own family championing him all the way:

“They have been very supportive and understanding of my decision to be my own boss, which has been really reassuring and motivating to know I have a support network.”

Sudesh’s advice to you if you’re on the fence about buying a franchise is:

“Go for it! It is a good investment – Lots of support – Greater chances of success. I got the same advice.”

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