New for 2020 – Apollo arrives in Chester

New for 2020 – Apollo arrives in Chester

Apollo, like the universe, is constantly expanding.

Apollo has made a great impression in the Merseyside area with most territories being catered for. Wherever you are on the Wirral or in Liverpool, your loved ones can be served by one of our kind, generous and conscientious care assistants.

But now we’re branching out even further.

With Apollo Southport gearing up to open its doors to the public very soon, also starting their journey is Joanne and Pam, who are bringing Apollo Care to Chester.

Joanne and Pam have recently completed their franchisee training and are about to get stuck into setting up the Chester care office. These are not business owners with a wide portfolio of business properties. They do not have millions to invest. They are not looking to turnaround a quick profit and move onto another opportunity. These women, like our other franchisees, are in it for the long term. They have a strong background working in care already and now they are bringing their skills and expertise to the fore, making their own impression on the social care sector.

Joanne Longmoor has worked in the health and social care sector for 19 years. She most recently spent 12 years fulfilling her role as a registered care manager in a retirement complex and describes providing excellent quality care as her “passion”.

Pam also has vast professional expertise, having worked for over 30 years in health and social care, including eight years employed as Head of Care. She also brings with her the personal experience of seeing her loved ones on the receiving end of poor care, giving her “the passion to ensure the delivery of both an excellent level of service, and an exemplary standard of care to support those individuals and their families to enable their loved ones to live independently in their own homes.” 

Joanne first heard about Apollo Care in 2011, right at our inception: “Believe it or not, I always knew it was written in the stars that I would end up with my very own franchise with Apollo one day.” 

Now is not always the best time. Events have to happen in your life, or lessons need to be learnt to prepare you for facing a new challenge. For Joanne and Pam, “one day” came eight years later.

We discussed buying a franchise and had numerous meeting with Cheryl. We knew straight away that it was time to take the leap of faith and we purchased Apollo Care Chester.

Starting a business with friends can make or break that relationship, but Joanne and Pam’s values are aligned, which will hold them in good stead for the days and years ahead.

We have worked together for 6 years and have become friends. We both have the same values and beliefs on what an excellent care service should look like. We are so excited to be part of the Apollo Care team. 

Apollo doesn’t leave our team members in the dark once they buy a franchise. We work tirelessly to ensure our new franchisees glean the success they deserve. One way we do this is through our thorough Apollo Franchise training programme

We have recently completed an intense training course to which we couldn’t have been more pleased with. The training is excellent and the ongoing support is invaluable. We are so excited for the future and we know we have the full support of our franchising management team. 

Finally, what drives these two women to open up a care franchise?

Our future goal is to provide outstanding person-centred care and to promote independence to the people in the Chester community. 

We wish them all the best in their Apollo venture and congratulate the people of Chester in acquiring an excellent care team.

Perhaps you’ve been working for care organisations and you’re ready to flex your managerial muscles somewhere new. Maybe you’ve seen poor care and think you can do better. It could be that you have ideas you want to implement on your own terms and you’re being held back.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to spread the message of good care in a community near you, find out about our franchise opportunity.

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