Dawn - Operations Manager

A day in the life of an Apollo Operations Manager

Apollo franchisees are reliant on the head office team to help them plan for the future and access new opportunities. Instrumental to this is our operations manager, Dawn, who’s on-hand to support and motivate our teams. She gives us a sneak peek into her working day.

My day starts early as I am always the first one up in our house. I thought I would give you an account of a typical working day.  To be honest, no two days are the same for me – That’s what I love about this job, the variation keeps me on my toes!

My first jobs of the day are to put the kettle on and feed the dog. The second job is to try and prize my 13-year-old out of bed and make breakfast for her. Once there is a bit of life in her, I can start to get ready for work.

In normal times I am in the office Monday to Friday but like everyone else, I am having to adjust my working day because of COVID restrictions. So, after the school run, I pop into the empty office to pick some paperwork up. I bump into the owner of the building and quickly catch- up with him talking about some maintenance work that needs planning.

I drive home and fire my laptop up. My dog Barney is very pleased to see me back. I pop the kettle on to make another coffee. When you get to know me, you will know copious amounts of coffee are needed daily – my guilty pleasure.

I catch up on my emails to make sure there isn’t something that needs my immediate attention. Then I look in my diary to see what I need to do today.

In HO we work in quarters. At the start of each quarter, tasks are put on a whiteboard with who is responsible next to it. These tasks will be completed by the end of the quarter, but we generally fit them around anything else that pops up daily. Knowing what I need to achieve within the 12 weeks helps me to plan time accordingly in my diary and keeps me focused.

Looking at my diary, today’s list looks busy.

  • Training that I am writing for the managers when we can finally be face to face again (hopefully) in the new year.
  • Diploma work (that I should be completing by the end of the year)
  • Planning and researching for a new care plan, policy and procedure that head office wants to add to the existing ones.
  • Updating applications that have been received for our franchise opportunity. We have a fabulous onboarding process that each application goes through. Having several filters allows us to ensure any new franchisee taken on board is totally the right fit for Apollo Care and our values.

But what I want to do first is to catch up with my team to make sure they are okay.

A video call is just the job to do this and we spend some time chatting about what they are working on. It is a great opportunity for them to voice any concerns, problems or wins and I love this part of my job. It’s so important to me that they feel supported, especially as we are all working remotely now.  My team is all okay – Great, I can now get to work on my tasks at hand.

I plough through the tasks on today’s list – not fully completing them but making headway and all going in the right direction.

It has been a good day. Lots of communication and progression on the tasks at hand. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.


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