Prepare Like A Pro: Steps To Take To Find Out Whether Owning A Care Franchise Is Right For You

Prepare Like A Pro: Steps To Take To Find Out If Owning A Care Franchise Is For You

The idea of owning your own business can be both a very exciting prospect but also a rather nerve-wracking one, especially if you’re unsure of what owning a care franchise business entails.

During the early stages of researching care franchises, and finding the right outlet for you, these feelings are more prevalent than ever. However, in this article, we want to try and calm some of those anxieties. We’re going to provide you with some hints to help you to make a considered decision when deciding whether owning a care franchise is for you.

Step 1: Do you have the same vision of what a care franchise should be?

The first step, and perhaps one of the most important when researching and planning your future as a care franchisee, is ensuring your values align with the care business’. You want to be on the same page, striving for the same level of excellence and providing the best for your prospective clients. We consider this initial step to be vital.

If you’re passionate and have faith in your franchisor, you will already start to feel a little more reassured in the franchising process. If you mirror one another’s beliefs and have a clear mutual goal, you are destined for success as a franchisee, so try and park any negativity and focus on the positives!

This is why we feel so lucky here at Apollo Care with the franchisees that we recruit, we all strive for excellence in the care sector and put our client’s needs at the heart of every decision we make!

Step 2: Read the prospectus!

We can’t emphasise the importance of reading a franchisor’s prospectus enough. This is your free guide to discovering what their business is about, who they provide services for, how they support their franchisees, and most importantly – if it’s really for you!

If you read our Apollo Care Franchising prospectus you can resolve some of the uncertainties and questions that you may have had. You’ll discover the details on what owning your own care franchise entails, and you can take the time to study the services we offer.

As you read through the prospectus, we recommend keeping a notebook nearby (safely placed next to the cup of tea and biscuits). This way you can make a note of any further questions that may arise as you study the document in more detail. You can then propose these questions to us, should you book a discovery call!

Step 3: Have you considered your future franchise’s territory?

An important factor to consider when planning your future as a care franchisee is deciding the area in which you will operate. Here at Apollo Care Franchising, we refer to this as your ‘territory’ – an area that encompasses an estimated population size of 100,000 inhabitants. We use this measurement, as we believe that it is the fairest way to administer franchise licenses, as it’s not in our interests or the interests of our franchisees to compete for the same clients!

If you’re unsure of the best location to start your care franchise in, why not do some research? Look for areas in need of the services that your franchise can provide, and remember if you franchise with Apollo Care, our management team remains on hand to guide you, provide reassurance, and grant you the access to operate exclusively in the area, that you decide.

Step 4: Take the time to study the services that your franchise will be expected to provide

In order to be a successful franchise business, you need to be passionate about the services that you are going to provide. Opening a business in the care sector demands a determination to improve and support people’s lives. This is why at Apollo Care Franchising we make sure to cater to as many people as possible, with our “Better Life Care Packages”.

It’s important to learn about the care packages your franchisor provides. If you share a commitment to implementing these services and bettering people’s lives, owning a care franchise is a great prospect for you.

Step 5: Study the training & support in place for you as a franchisee

This is a vital step in calming your franchising nerves. Once you’ve researched the training and support put in place by care franchisors for their franchisees, you can start to see the reality of owning your own franchise insight.

When selecting a franchisor you want to ensure that they are committed to helping you and your business flourish. You need training and support that will give you the confidence to be an independent business leader and an example to fellow franchisees further down the line.

So make sure you study the care franchisor’s support and training in detail so that you’re assured that you will be in good hands and destined for success. You can take a look at our training and support here.

Step 6: Have you looked at the financing plans?

If you’ve taken the preparatory steps set out above, and you’ve decided that owning a care franchise is for you, then it’s time to look at financing, and the options available to you.

If you choose Apollo Care Franchising, our focus is on having people with the right motivation within our franchising team, rather than just making money. Therefore we offer payment plans that are accessible, and reasonable to prospective franchisees!

You can also take a look at Natwest’s Small Business Loan’s here to further prepare and plan for the financing of your care franchise.

We hope these steps have given you the confidence to prepare, plan and envision what your future as a care franchisee could look like. If you want to know what happens next, why not contact us today?

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