Apollo Care Franchising Territories TERRITORIES

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Apollo Care franchisees operate in geographical areas known as “territories”

A territory is an area that encompasses an estimated population size of 100,000 inhabitants. We believe that this is the only fair way to administer franchise licences, as it’s not in our interests or the interests of our franchisees to compete for the same clients.

It's Your Decision!

Apollo Care franchise owners decide the territory they want to operate in by consulting with Apollo Care management, who will grant you the right to run your Apollo business exclusively in this area. This forms part of your franchise agreement. This legal agreement clearly sets out the roles of both Franchisor and Franchise Owner.

We assign territories with specific postcode areas and population size in mind, while also being careful that you are not crossing Local Authority boundaries – Having to negotiate the inner workings of two authorities might get confusing!

Apollo Care Franchising Territories

Choosing Your Territory

Within your territory, your team will be looking after an area of approximately 100,000 inhabitants – We believe this provides enough potential clientele for your business to flourish. With all our franchisees operating in an exclusive area that is similar in size, none of our franchises have an unfair advantage.

You can choose to operate anywhere in the UK where no other Apollo franchise currently serves. See our map for our current locations. Apollo started life on the Wirral and now covers all of Merseyside. We are keen to branch out nationwide with the right leaders at the helm of each location.

Choose any territory you like that’s not already covered by Apollo

Operate exclusively within your territory

Your area is home to 100,000 residents

Territories do not cross Local Authority boundaries so that you only have to deal with one

Work in an area you feel most familiar with and have a connection to

Establish your competitive advantage wherever you go

How can I know I’ve chosen the correct area?

Choosing your territory needs careful consideration. You should research the demographic and look into existing competition to ensure your care company has the best chance of success in the long run. Here are some other aspects you need to consider:


Do you know enough about the area to make connections and find new business opportunities?


Do you have existing links within your territory who can help you get the word out?


What do you know about the types of people residing within your chosen location?


Is there enough requirement for another care company in this area?


Who are other home care providers, and how can you position yourself favourably in comparison?


Who is the local authority and what are their current plans?

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