Top Reasons Businesses Fail, and Why Yours Doesn’t Have To

Top Reasons Businesses Fail, and Why Yours Doesn’t Have To

Is going solo and setting up your first business on your bucket list?

That’s great news that should come with a caveat.

80% of businesses will be out of business within 18 months. That’s according to Bloomberg. A startling statistic, isn’t it? I’ll let you absorb that while we go over some of the main reasons businesses don’t find the success their owners are banking on. But don’t worry, I will show you why it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s Not Enough Cash

It’s a given that if you don’t have the right amount of cash set aside for a few years of overheads before you start generating a profit, you are going to find your business in trouble before long. Now, it’s not always easy to predict how much money you’re going to need in the way of start-up costs, and you will find it hard to access loans when you go it alone.

Buying an Apollo Care franchise means you know the costs upfront for a licence fee, and we can advise you on how much you’re going to want to have in addition for setting up. Also, we can point you in the direction of accessing funding.

It’s Not Different Enough

Businesses fail because they don’t have a unique selling point.

Our point of differentiation is our ability to provide flexible, individualised care packages to suit our service users rather than them having to fit into a poorly run system.

The good news is that in Apollo Care, you are part of a growing market with lots of demand for home care. The industry is currently worth £20 billion in the UK and continues to grow due to an aging population. What’s more, we only operate one Apollo franchise per territory. We encourage prospective franchisees to do their homework and suss out the demand in your territory before you commit.

While we know that there are other care franchises out there in your territory, Apollo stands out for all the right reasons and we are thriving. As part of this franchise, you are investing in a solid brand with an excellent reputation. You don’t have to grow your reputation from scratch, which will make it much easier for you to start trading early into the process.

You Don’t Know Your Customers

Knowing who you are serving and how to reach your ideal customer is the essence of marketing your business. If you’re not fully au fait with who your customer is, you won’t be meeting their needs, or they won’t know you exist.

Apollo has done the hard work for you. I set up Apollo Care after many years working as a community nurse. I came into contact with my ideal customers daily. I knew what their needs where as I saw it first-hand. My co-founder and mum Sue was a social care manager, and between us, we could offer the industry a wealth of insight that other providers wouldn’t be able to boast.

Apollo was built for our customers. Yes, I have the advantage of a flexible lifestyle running a profitable company now, but I began this business because I wanted to serve people better, and I knew the gaps to fill in the market. Franchising the business was born out of wanting to serve as many people as possible that I couldn’t reach with one business alone.

As a franchisee, you have the benefit of my years of experience, my trials and mistakes with the first business, and ultimately, I have created a duplicable system that works. We keep in regular touch with our customers and their families through feedback and surveys. This ensures we are sticking to our mission, and that we become aware of new needs as they arise.

Poor Leadership

Running a business is the full responsibility of the founder. If he/she makes poor decisions, it will impact the rest of the business. All companies need a clear focus and direction and excellent people skills for dealing with employees and other directors.

While I can’t guarantee you have the right vision, people skills and drive to succeed in this business, I will only work with people who share certain values because I believe there are people that this business isn’t right for. If you qualify for a franchisee license, this is evidence I see something in you and you have the right characteristics to implement an Apollo franchise.

The rest is up to you. You will have all the support, mentorship and training at your disposal, but it’s your business to run – We cannot do all the work for you. You have to have the motivation to succeed.

Lack of Systems and Procedures

Not having the right systems to efficiently run the various areas in your business such as recruitment, HR, marketing, service delivery and accounting makes running a business much more difficult than it has to be. As a new entrepreneur, you are most likely figuring it all out as you go along.

When you invest your money into a franchise, you are getting proven systems and procedures to implement to the letter. Follow everything we tell you to do, and it minimises friction. Apollo provides the right tools and software for managing your employee and customer database and we’ve done all the policies for you. If you really want to waste time you could be using to build your business and serve your customers, then go ahead and start a different business. A franchise is not for people who want to reinvent the wheel, but for those who are coachable and willing to learn from success.

Other great reasons your Apollo business doesn’t have to bite the dust:


You have access to our expertise and mentorship. I’ve made many mistakes in business so you don’t have to. And if you make your own mistakes? Well, I can help you out of those too.

The Apollo Family

I know how lonely it can be running your own business. Other family members won’t understand the time and effort you have to put in. They are used to working for other people and receiving a pay cheque every month. They may want to protect you by suggesting the business world is not for you. Don’t listen. Instead, surround yourself with people in Apollo who have done it all before you and are ready to support you.

No Technical Worries

With Apollo, you get access to a webpage and we’ll help you set up your social media channels. We provide regular training to give you tips, ideas and inspiration.

No Branding Issues

It’s a sad fact there are lots of small businesses out there wasting months trying to decide a logo, or worse, designing their own in Paint. They are obsessing over the look and feel of compliments slips they will never actually send out, and they spend their life savings getting leaflets printed, and don’t know what they’re all for. With Apollo, you have an attractive brand to use from day one with marketing materials provided at the outset so you get on with the business of running your business undistracted.

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