Launching a Care Franchise Versus Care Start Up

What Does It Mean to Own a Care Franchise Versus a Care Start Up?

“Franchise” is a word that gets thrown about a lot when people are talking about McDonalds or Costa Coffee. You may even hear it to describe a series of films, usually the ones about superheroes.

Our superheroes are of a different class altogether – The kind we’re fortunate enough to encounter day in day out in our care offices – The ones who’ve spent much of their working lives on the frontline of home care.

Many of them wouldn’t have considered starting their own business if it hadn’t been for franchising.

So, what do we mean when we talk about owning a care franchise and what are the advantages compared to starting your own company from scratch?

You get to trade under an existing name and brand

Perhaps the most important part of buying a franchise is you get to run your brand-new business under a recognised brand with a stellar reputation, rather than spend lots of time trying to establish yourself to a cold market.

Wherever you are in the world, you feel confident walking into a McDonalds and ordering a hamburger because you know the brand and the products well already.

It’s the same with care. Many people are aware of the excellent work Apollo does in the community and are waiting for more franchises to open up near them.

You receive all the components of a business that’s ready to go

With an existing care business model, all the nuts and bolts of your new business have already been trialled and tested. You have all the systems you need at your fingertips, including the care planning, HR and accounting software. You also get marketing materials and branding to start you off, plus an operational manual. Your services and packages have been created, pitched and sold in other territories so you know they work. All that’s left for you to do is learn how to use everything, which we’ll train you up in. We’ve also provided all the policies you need.

Support from our franchise support team

Building a business can be lonely and you’ll most likely have a lot of questions. The good news is that we’ve anticipated this and we have a team of franchise support managers. They are there to hold your hand when you start and then later down the line as and when new situations arise that you’ve never dealt with before.

First year’s CQC registration and help with compliance

When you open your Apollo care business, you may not be familiar with all the criteria you have to meet in order to be given your stamp of approval. To run a care business, you need to be CQC-registered (Care Quality Commission) and you’ll have inspections every two years to ensure you’re continuing to tick all the requirements necessary to provide home care.

It’s part of our mission here at Apollo Care to aim for Outstanding, so we will give you all the tools, training and consulting to reach for the stars with your care business.


This is what differentiates owning a care franchise from a care start-up. If you want to find out more, then download the Apollo Care prospectus.

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