What Support Can I Expect from a Care Franchise?

What Support Can I Expect from a Care Franchise?

It’s not just about the money…

If you’re looking to invest in a business and you’ve got a tidy sum waiting patiently to make all your dreams come true, then surely, you’re going to look at the cheapest franchise option on the market.

It’s obvious. Or is it?

And while compared to our competitors, Apollo’s franchise license is something of a steal, that doesn’t make us a cheap option. Price is not proportional to quality.

We don’t think you should ever take the cheap option at the expense of missing support.

The reason a lot of new franchisees struggle in the early days is often down to a franchisor not committed to the success of the franchisees. That might not be their fault – we’re not here to judge anyone, but it’s a fact that if you take too many franchises on without investing in a support system, you’re making the franchises and the brand vulnerable to failure.

That said, what should you be looking for in a franchise business besides the price tag?

Full initial and ongoing training

If you’ve never worked in care before, or you’ve worked in care, but never a managerial position, then you have a lot to learn. Yes, take a leap of faith into the pool of the unknown and swim, by all means. But we don’t want you to jump in without a life jacket. Any franchise worth its salt will provide full training so you understand the brand, the mission, the values and all the other business functions that come with a care business.

For our fully-fledged franchise teams, we offer regular training days here at Apollo HQ. Our training ranges from HR to marketing to managing stress to how to deal with difficulties in the workplace.

Continued support

We have a team dedicated to helping our new franchisees get off the ground. And once they are flying, they can call up a team member for advice whenever they need to. That’s why the team is there.

Did you know that of all the search terms typed into Google, 15% have never been asked before? Care is the non-digital version of that.

Anyone who has worked in care knows that something can happen every day that’s never happened before. How can you possibly know how to navigate every turn without a helper to guide you? The team are there on the phone when you’ve got a tricky situation you wish to discuss.


You may be trained and know you can call on our team of franchise support managers to ask those difficult questions that have you confused. Yet for people who want to personally challenge themselves, they will keep wanting to get better and better at what they do. This is so they feel happy in what they are doing day-to-day, but also they want to be there to advise their staff. How do you grow as a professional if you don’t have someone to look up to? Cheryl White and Sue White have a wealth of expertise in adult social care and have been running Apollo since it started in 2011. They’re there to show you the way and help you develop as a franchise leader. Besides, our franchise managers are knowledgeable and are a very welcoming close-knit group always willing to help each other out. You’re part of a family!

Access to tools

How can you do your job without the right tools? And how do you know what the right tools are if you’re a first-timer in this biz? Good news. When you join Apollo, you’ll have access to our care planning and management software system. We’ll also assist you with our marketing materials and set up your website page. Our marketing team will promote your branch on our central Facebook page to help your customers find you.

CQC registration

We help you out with your first year’s CQC registration documents as we know you might be unfamiliar with the requirements. Our training is delivered by our associate expert specialising in compliance. In short, we’ll give you all the help necessary to achieve a rating you can be proud of.

These are examples of the support you can expect to receive when you become an Apollo franchisee. We know starting a business is scary – we’ve been there and we want to make that transition easy for you.

If you want to know more about what is on offer with our franchise package, download our prospectus.

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