Why Now is a Great Time to Start Your Care Business

Why Now is a Great Time to Start Your Care Business

It may seem counter-intuitive to make such a drastic life decision at this time. Perhaps it is, in fact, the best time. With having had three months to mull over what’s important (for those who haven’t been run off their feet), how you work the next 20 or more years of your life takes a higher priority, surely?

So, with just a few hundred words to convince you, here are our three reasons to get into care right now.

Care is getting people’s attention

It’s a sad fact that care hasn’t had the best press, certainly not in relation to our NHS counterparts. Poor funding from councils has led to minimised services from care providers who are doing their best to make the money stretch. This has made it seem as though care is just stopgap and not an option for ambitious people.

Now, however, people are seeing a different side to care. The nation has witnessed the hard work and dedication offered by care assistants and what a lifeline they are for their clients and families.

Care is needed during a crisis

Service users are reliant on their care packages whether there is a pandemic or not. With councils cancelling people’s care provision and sick, disabled and elderly people being left to fend for themselves, it’s meant that families have been wanting. We have done our best to ensure that our service users are receiving the help they so desperately need while protecting them from the risk of getting poorly. Families are now able to have a say in their loved ones’ care with the direct payments they receive off the council, so they can choose a different care provider – One that will actually provide. What’s more, many families are willing to support their loved ones in seeking extra care from the private sector.

You get the full support you need to build a sustainable business

If you’ve considered starting a care business, then your expertise is very much in demand. We’re here to support you in your transition from care employee to care leader. We have teams in place ready and willing to assist you. We offer training in marketing, HR, accounts, compliance and more so that you’re never left out in the cold. Our franchise support managers are at the other end of the phone whenever you need them (maybe not at 3 am!). They’ve walked many franchisees through the process and have seen all your problems and heard all your questions before. Cheryl White is there to mentor you, having stood right where you are now, and our franchisees are on hand to assist new starters as they come on board.

Take advantage of Apollo’s new service offering

We’re always expanding our service offering to offer more ways for you to succeed. We’ve recently identified a gap in the market for people looking for more consistency in their payments. We were finding our hour-by-hour task-based service wasn’t giving our clients the financial certainty they were looking for, so we’ve brought in our Better Life care packages to keep payments the same and our service more flexible. Our “Happiness & Wellbeing” package is for those who want a little help getting out and about or doing their hobbies. You can start selling this package as soon as you set up your Apollo franchise even before your CQC registration has been approved as it doesn’t include personal care.

These are just a few of the reasons to start building your Apollo care business today.

Are you ready to find out more? Here’s how you apply.

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